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Reduced EHCI port reset delay to allow USB volumes to be ready for boot.
1 day ago
arch Configure IRQ pins as HIGH, EDGE (ISA) only for first IO-APIC 4 weeks ago
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rom Reduced EHCI port reset delay to allow USB volumes to be ready for boot. 1 day ago
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license.html # add the .git and .github dirs to metamakes ignoredirs # detect if aros is built in the source tree and display a warning in configure. detect if it is build in a sub-directory of the source tree and add that directory to metamakes ignoredirs. 9 months ago
mmakefile mmakefile*: header fixes 2 years ago


branch target description how to build download
master linux-x86_64 Stable and always backwards compatible hosted version, code-named ABIv11 Core ABIv11
master amiga-m68k Amiga replacement ROM and system software Core M68K

Backwards compatibility

From system developer's point of view backwards compatibility is defined on a set of components below.

component kept stable
Application Binary Interface (ABI) YES
OS 3.1 API (examples: exec.library, input.device) YES
3rd party public libraries API (example: muimaster.library) YES
Classes, gadgets, datatypes API (examples: png.dataype) YES
AROS driver system (HIDD, oop.library) NO
AROS kernel components (example: kernel.resource) NO

From application developer's point of view backwards compatibility is defined as follow: As long as your application only uses components marked as YES, maintainter of Core guarantees that your application will always run while the system will continue evolving and changing its components. In case you notice that compatibility has been broken, please contact the maintainer and the situation will be amended.


branch target description how to build download
alt-runtime runtimelinux-x86_64 AxRuntime for Linux x86_64 AxRuntime AxRuntime
alt-abiv0 pc-i386 ABI_V0 version of native 32-bit AROS ABIv0 ABIv0

Relation between Core and Alternatives

The separation between Core and Alternatives has been introduced to allow different, sometimes diverging views and usages of AROS to co-exist and contribute to common base.

Core is defined as the base for all projects. Core defines a few targets which are preserved at each commit.

Alternatives can use two mechanisms to implement their changes:

  • arch mechanism of AROS build system which allows overwriting implementation on file basis and keeping the overwrites in master branch
  • periodically rebased git branches mechanism for changes that modify the base files and would break the Core targets

Every Alternative needs to have at minimum a branch starting with alt- even if all changes are done via arch mechanism. On that branch file should be modified to describe the Alternative. Checking out this branch should allow anyone to build a working version of the Alternative.


Every commit made to Core targets is required to preserve backwards compatibility. Maintainer of the Core targets reserves the right to revert a commit or ask for it to be moved to an Alternative branch.

Maintainers of Alternatives are responsible for adjusting their projects to changes happening in Core.

Maintainer of Core is responsible to keeping the number of wide-spread changes controlled, possibly batching them when needed and communicating to maintainers of Alternatives in advanced.