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AmigaOS cross compiler for Linux / MacOSX / Windows

Build Status

Author: Krystian Bacławski

This project is missing a maintainer! Want to become one? Ask adtools developer team!

Short description: Cross toolchain build script for AmigaOS m68k and ppc targets. Supported host platforms are Linux, MacOSX and Windows (with MSYS2).


amigaos-cross-toolchain project provides an easy way to build AmigaOS 3.x (m68k) and ppc AmigaOS 4.x (ppc) target toolchain in a Unix-like environment.

Build process should produce following set of tools for m68k-amigaos target:

  • gcc 2.95.3
  • g++ 2.95.3
  • libstdc++ 2.10
  • binutils 2.14 (assembler, linker, etc.)
  • libnix 2.2 (standard ANSI/C library replacement for AmigaOS)
  • libm 5.4 (provides math library implementation for non-FPU Amigas)
  • AmigaOS headers & libraries & autodocs (for AmigaOS 3.9)
  • vbcc toolchain (most recent release) including vasm, vlink and C standard library
  • IRA: portable M68000/010/020/030/040 reassembler for AmigaOS hunk-format executables, libraries, devices and raw binary files
  • vda68k: portable M68k disassembler for 68000-68060, 68851, 68881, 68882
  • amitools with vamos AmigaOS emulator which is proven to run SAS/C

... and following set of tools for ppc-amigaos target:

  • gcc 4.2.4
  • g++ 4.2.4
  • binutils 2.18 (assembler, linker, etc.)
  • newlib
  • clib 2.2
  • AmigaOS headers & libraries & autodocs (for AmigaOS 4.1)

Note: Patches are welcome!


There are no binary downloads provided for the time being. I do as much as possible to make the toolchain portable among Unix-like environments. Following platforms were tested and the toolchain is known to work for them:

  • Windows 7 SP1 32-bit (MSYS2 2.6.0, gcc 5.3.0)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 32-bit (gcc 5.4.0)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit (gcc 5.4.0) Requires gcc-multilib package, and i386 libraries!
  • MacOS X 10.9.5 (MacPorts - Apple's clang-600.0.57)


Documentation from Free Software Fundation:

Texinfo documents from GeekGadgets converted into HTML:

AmigaOS specific documents:


Firstly… you should have basic understanding of Unix console environment, really ;-)


You have to have following packages installed in your system:

  • GNU gcc 5.x 32-bit version! or Clang
  • Python 2.7.x
  • libncurses-dev
  • python-dev 2.7
  • GNU make 4.x
  • perl 5.22
  • git
  • GNU patch
  • GNU gperf
  • GNU bison

For MacOSX users: you'll likely need to have MacPorts or Homebrew installed in order to build the toolchain.

How to build?

Warning: Building with sudo is not recommended. I'm not responsible for any damage to your system.

Follow steps listed below:

  1. Fetch amigaos-cross-toolchain project to your local drive:
    # git clone git://
    # cd amigaos-cross-toolchain
  1. Run toolchain-m68k or toolchain-ppc script (with --prefix option to specify where to install the toolchain). Note, that the destination directory must be writable by the user.
    # ./toolchain-m68k --prefix=/opt/m68k-amigaos build
  1. Wait for the result :-)

  2. (optional) Install additional SDKs (e.g. AHI, CyberGraphX, Magic User Interface, etc.):

    # ./toolchain-m68k --prefix=/opt/m68k-amigaos install-sdk ahi cgx mui

What if something goes wrong?

If the build process fails, please write me an e-mail. I'll try to help out. Don't forget to put into e-mail as much data about your environment as possible! It's vitally important to send me a full log from build process. You can capture it by redirecting output to a file with following command:

    # ./toolchain-m68k build 2>&1 | tee build.log

... but remember to cleanup your build environment beforehand with:

    # rm -rf .build-m68k