Simple command line calculator
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.TH "amath" 1 "Wed Mar 1 2017" "Version 1.7.0" "amath" \" -*- nroff -*-
.ad l
amath \- Statements and functions
\fCamath [expression]\fP
.SH Description
amath(1) features a case sensitive command line interface, internal
IEEE 754 calculations with 15 significant digits, calculations with
real and complex numbers, variables and user defined functions,
logarithmic and exponential functions, trigonometric and hyperbolic
function and selected mathematical constants and rounding functions.
.SH "Statements"
clear Clear console window
def Define function
delete Delete variable or function
digits Set number of significant digits
eval Evaluate arithmetic expression
execute Execute statements in a file
functions Show list of user defined functions
input Change numeral input system
help Show basic help text
output Change numeral output system
list Show content of a directory
show Show content of a file
load Load variable and functions from file
save Save variable and functions to file
variables Show list of variables
version Show version string
memory Show internal memory usage
exit Exit program
.SH "Operators"
+ Mathematical addition.
- Mathematical subtraction.
* Mathematical multiplication.
/ Mathematical division.
^ Mathematical exponentiation.
= Assignment of variable values.
| Absolute value of number.
.SH "Variables and constant"
pi Trigonometric constant
e Euler's number
i Imaginary unit
ins Result of last calculation
.SH "Base functions"
abs Absolute value of number
sgn Mathematical signum function
round Round to nearest integer number
trunc Discard fraction part of number
floor Mathematical floor function
ceil Mathematical ceiling function
sqrt Square root function (exp 1/2)
cbrt Cube root function (exp 1/3)
lb Binary logarithm function (base 2)
ln Natural logarithm function (base e)
lg Common logarithm function (base 10)
.SH "Trigonometric functions"
sin Trigonometric sine function
cos Trigonometric cosine function
tan Trigonometric tangent function
cot Trigonometric cotangent function
sec Trigonometric secant function
csc Trigonometric cosecant function
arcsin Inverse trigonometric sine function
arccos Inverse trigonometric cosine function
arctan Inverse trigonometric tangent function
arccot Inverse trigonometric cotangent function
arcsec Inverse trigonometric secant function
arccsc Inverse trigonometric cosecant function
.SH "Hyperbolic functions"
sinh Hyperbolic sine function
cosh Hyperbolic cosine function
tanh Hyperbolic tangent function
coth Hyperbolic cotangent function
sech Hyperbolic secant function
csch Hyperbolic cosecant function
arcsinh Inverse hyperbolic sine function
arccosh Inverse hyperbolic cosine function
arctanh Inverse hyperbolic tangent function
arccoth Inverse hyperbolic cotangent function
arcsech Inverse hyperbolic secant function
arccsch Inverse hyperbolic cosecant function
.SH "Early trigonometric functions"
ver Versed sine function
vcs Versed cosine function
cvs Coversed sine function
cvc Coversed cosine function
hv Haversed sine function
hvc Haversed cosine function
hcv Hacoversed sine function
hcc Hacoversed cosine function
arcver Inverse versed sine function
arcvcs Inverse versed cosine function
arccvs Inverse coversed sine function
arccvc Inverse coversed cosine function
archv Inverse haversed sine function
archvc Inverse haversed cosine function
archcv Inverse hacoversed sine function
archcc Inverse hacoversed cosine function
.SH "Example script"
.SH "Example script with functions"
.SH "Example script with complex numbers"
.SH "See also"
amathc(3), amathr(3), amathi(3)