Keep your time right
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Short: Keep your time right
Author: Carsten Larsen (
Uploader: Carsten Larsen (
Type: util/cdity
Version: 1.12
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
AmiTimeKeeper is a small program which keeps the time right on your
machine. No installation is required. It is operated as a commodity
and is controlled by AmigaOS. An AmiTCP compatible TCP/IP stack is
required for AmiTimeKeeper to work.
Several settings determine the behaviour. The settings are passed
either directly from the command line or by using the tool types of
an icon. Preferences can also be saved between reboots. A utility
for small tasks like starting and stopping is also included.
Comprehensive control is possible using ARexx.
The default server address is To find another server
try visiting or one of the other sites listing time
servers. Use a fixed pool server by prefixing the domain, for example,
The time zone needs to be configured using Workbench preferences or
a similar tool. In Amiga OS this is available through the Locale
Preferences Editor. The local time zone and daylight saving time are
optionally specified manually or using a POSIX TZ variable style.
The Icaros Desktop system is distributed with a custom build version of
AmiTimeKeeper. The author encourages everyone with an interest to build
their own version.
Please report bugs and other issues by sending a mail or using:
v1.12 31.01.2021
- New options to specify the local time zone
- New ARexx commands, parameters and error variables
- New option to start without active time synchronization
- New deactivate logging option for performance saving
- More bugs in calculation of time zone transition fixed
- Sanity check on value for interval between requests
- Updated ARexx documentation and script
- Honour ARexx result flag (RXFF_RESULT)
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements