Keep your time right
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all: timekeeper timelogger timectrl
mkdir -p obj/
mv *.o obj/
CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -Wall
LFLAGS1 = -s -Wl,--cref,-M,
LFLAGS2 = -s -Wl,--cref,-M,
LFLAGS3 = -s -Wl,--cref,-M,
OBJECTS = arexx.o broker.o conv.o ctrlmsg.o global.o library.o log.o locale.o main.o mem.o \
message.o net_getaddrinfo.o net_poll.o net.o notify.o ptz.o setting.o shutdown.o \
sntp.o string.o sync.o text.o timer.o tz.o val.o win_main.o win_gad.o
OBJLOG = logger.o string.o
OBJCTRL = ctrl.o string.o
timekeeper: ${OBJECTS}
${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LFLAGS1} -o TimeKeeper ${OBJECTS} ${LDLIBS}
mkdir -p obj/
mv TimeKeeper obj/
mv obj/
timelogger: ${OBJLOG}
${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LFLAGS2} -o TimeLogger ${OBJLOG} ${LDLIBS}
mkdir -p obj/
mv TimeLogger obj/
mv obj/
timectrl: ${OBJCTRL}
${CC} ${CFLAGS} ${LFLAGS3} -o TimeCtrl ${OBJCTRL} ${LDLIBS}
mkdir -p obj/
mv TimeCtrl obj/
mv obj/
rm -Rf *.o
rm -Rf TimeLogger
rm -Rf
rm -Rf TimeKeeper
rm -Rf
rm -Rf TimeCtrl
rm -Rf
rm -Rf obj
@echo Dependencies already done