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AmiTimeKeeper Change Log
v1.12 31.01.2021
- New options to specify the local time zone
- New ARexx commands, parameters and error variables
- New option to start without active time synchronization
- New deactivate logging option for performance saving
- More bugs in calculation of time zone transition fixed
- Sanity check on value for interval between requests
- Updated ARexx documentation and script
- Honour ARexx result flag (RXFF_RESULT)
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements
v1.11 11.01.2021
- New dedicated external control utility
- New ARexx port with a diverse set of commands
- Rewritten logger facility with more verbose output
- Bug preventing commodity to shutdown fixed
- Bug in CLI SWITCH parameters reporting wrong values fixed
- Support AmigaOS 1.3 (v34) but without settings window
- Time zone information displayed using GMT instead of UTC
- Only watch current env variable for time zone changes
- Improved validation of application settings
- Several dead and duplicated code blocks removed
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements
- Documentation in HTML format
v1.10 15.03.2020
- RTC is no longer required during startup
- When time zone changes it is now recognized
- Several bugs affecting time zone logic fixed
- Documentation updated with POSIX TZ examples
- Compiled with upgraded GCC, version 6.2
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements
v1.09 14.07.2019
- Initial DST support using POSIX TZ and Amiga TZONE variable
- Restart synchronizer processes on DNS lookup failures
v1.08 18.05.2019
- When using pool server cycle with prefix 0 to 3
- Display of wrong signes in time zone fixed
- Faulty log messages about settings fixed
- Timer bug causing infinitive loop fixed
- Memory leak in settings window fixed
v1.07 15.02.2019
- Support commodity hotkey and popup options
- Hide advanced settings with new expert option
v1.06 08.02.2019
- Adjust layout in settings window
v1.05 06.08.2018 LTS
- Preferences can now be saved from settings window
- Time zone is shown as UTC offset in settings window
- Running multiple instances no longer creates zombie processes
- Low water option renamed to threshold and high water option removed
- New option for sending log messages to file instead of to screen
- Some incorrect NTP log messages no longer appears
- Read-only option is now applied consistently
- Potential race condition in memory allocation fixed
- Other minor enhancements
v1.04 15.12.2017
- Default settings adjusted to comply better with AmigaOS
- Bugs in threshold settings (high/low water) fixed
- Bugs in opening and closing of libraries fixed
- New and more accurate error and log messages
v1.03 09.12.2017
- Settings window
v1.02 29.11.2017
- AROS code compliance
v1.01 28.11.2017
- Handle network disconnection
- Fix infinity timeout problem
- Support hardware clock
- Improved error messages
v1.00 26.11.2017
- First public release